My New Handbag

We all love having a new handbag, and I’m no exception. But when it comes to bags mine needs to be cross body and not too large but big enough to fit all the usual stuff in including my new sunglasses case, which my present bag doesn’t. But finding one proved harder than I thought so after numerous hours of browsing through Pinterest I designed my own, and here it is!


There were five elements to the bag which were important to me. A pocket on the front to fit my mobile phone, an inside pocket, a swivel hook inside to hang my keys from, a recessed zipper and an adjustable strap. First I needed to source the metal hardware for my new bag. U-Handbag was my choice of on-line store where I could get everything I needed including a chunky zip. I love the ‘handmade’ tag which I’ve put on the front of my bag.


The main fabric I bought from Closs and Hamblin where I happen to work every other Sunday! I wanted the lining to complement the stripe and found this wonderful fabric from Lewis and Irene in Lovely Jubbly Fabrics in Ferndown, which was the exact colour of the stripes. Love it! The kid leather which I used for the bottom of the bag and part of the strap was a donation to the Dorset Scrapstore my other place of work! It is absolutely gorgeous and great to work with.


This was my first attempt at a recessed zipper and it took some investigating to work it out, lots of unpicking and re-sewing until I got it to a point where I was mostly happy with it. It’s a technique I will try again , practice makes perfect!


I loved making it and as it’s not very often I make myself something, I will definitely make another one.


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